Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Update from Eastern Uganda [October 2015]

Brief Report of  UCC/Uganda chapter (from Pastor Richard):

-When a stone is thrown into cool waters, it produces one wave/ripple that  reproduces into other bigger waves. This ripple effect has positively influenced events in Uganda ever since UCC and partners cast their ‘stone’ in the waters of Eastern Uganda:

- Bukigai and the entire District hasn’t remained the same. The Bukigai Revival Mission Church  (BRMC) and its new building has already hosted two big district prayer rallies. The recent one this month was a prayer meeting for candidates who are to sit for their final elementary and secondary exams this year. So the BRMC building is not only serving the local community of Bukigai village, but serving the entire district !!! Glory to God and thumbs up for the UCC team.

Like I had stated in our proposal: A decent building commands respect to the church and positively influences the perception of the relevance of the church in a community. Its now a pride to identify with BRMC. New members are joining the church as the old members have been highly motivated to be committed to God the more. I will liken the now status of BRMC to the White House in the US !

Family Hui (FH)
-Reports from parents from the entire region indicate they have learnt to refrain from canning /beating a traditional way of disciplining children using a stick. This is curbing domestic violence.
-Nutrition of children is getting better with the aid of FH materials.

Poultry / Agriculture 
-A number of trainees have started making composite hips as an organic fertilizer to fertilize their gardens as opposed to synthetic fertilizers which ruin the natural soils and also affects the health of people who consume these produce.
-Contours/terraces are placed in gardens to prevent soil erosion.
-Poultry: Farmers who attended the training acknowledge improved yields. Chicks no longer die massively as previous times of ignorance the necessity of vaccines.
Some farmers have reported a higher yield of eggs enabling better nutrition especially for children. Some eggs are sold off to meet other needs in the family. Children are able to have fun with food as taught by Family Hui.

Personally I’m constructing a shed that could shelter 1000- 2000 chicken in Mbale. This could also serve as a demonstration farm in the region (see photo below). The shelter is still under construction.

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