Sunday, October 18, 2015

Buikgai: Church Construction

Most of what we give and get in Uganda is intangible: love, stories, relationships, encouragement, joy, praise, worship, prayer. The biggest tangible contribution we have made to the community in Bukigai is the financial provision for their new church. Three years ago, Alex and Milly Wori were sent with the beginning funds to start the foundation of a new church.
You can see the original papyrus structure on the left, and the men building the foundation.

Two summers ago, our large team of thirteen people were able to raise enough money to bring up the walls. This last year we watched the building transform as a roof was constructed and completed.

Leading up to our trip, and even while we were in country, we received an abundance of support so that we could also put in doors and windows. It was truly magical leaving the village knowing our brothers and sisters would have their first sunday worship in their new, fully enclosed building very soon

We left the village at this stage in the building.

Very soon after, it was totally enclosed! 

The people in Bukigai are very excited about this new building! It is the biggest structure for miles, and people are already inquiring on how to rent it out! It speaks volumes of the BIG God that wishes to do BIG things in the people of Eastern Uganda. On our first day in the village this past summer, the choir of the church, called Bukigai Revival Mission Church (BRMC) sang us the original song!

Bye bye the church of papyrus
We are now in a concrete one
We congratulate you our friends from UCC
And the partners who supported us

We were ignorant people in papyrus
(something) with nothing to do
We appreciate you for the love that you showed us
Because now we shine shine shine

Praise God! It is honor to spread His provision and blessings to our brothers and sisters across the globe. Thank you for partnering with us! 

The Team


Mulembe! (Ma-lem-bay)
Greetings! (Gre-ee-teens)

We are happy to announce that we will be having a celebration of all that God did this past summer through us and in our friends in Eastern Uganda. We will spend time sharing pictures, stories and encouragement from our most recent trip, as well as talk about where God is leading us next in this long-term relationship. It will be a time of great joy & celebration and there is rumor that there will also be some Ugandan treats!

Here is a sneak peak of what we will be sharing!

Join us to hear and see MUCH MORE! We would love to celebrate with you!

October 25th at 6:30PM
UCC Youth Room

The Team

Sunday, October 11, 2015

[July 2015] Update from Muganja

We received this email a few weeks following our return back to the U.S. It is written by our dear friend Geoffery Wori, Alex's brother and the pastor of churches in Muganja/Tororo area. He writes:

Greetings in Jesus's Wonderful Name!
I would like to update you on the impact of the recent training at Muganja in Tororo Uganda. On Saturday 25/07/2015 I went to Mbale and bought poultry vaccine for Newcasttle disease ( the Kukustar). I bought vaccine for 500 birds for the beginning and yesterday and today we happen to supply vaccine for 467 birds recorded plus my own 37 birds. That is 504 birds vaccinated in these two days.More farmers missed and on Friday I am going to collect another batch. I went to the district veterinary official  who was with us in the training at Muganja and he told me that he has the vaccine for  fowl pox of which we are making it available to the farmers on Saturday 1/8/2015 God willing.
Thanks for your care that we are now equipped for this to meet the challenges of poverty and its effects. I know more developments are going to be realized as we go along.
God bless you all!
This is such great news! Our short time in Muganja is already showing its effects. It is encouraging to our team to know that our message was well received, and encouraged people to action. We continue to hear positive reports from this region and from the other churches that we spoke too. Stay tuned for more details and stories!

The Team