Sunday, October 11, 2015

[July 2015] Update from Muganja

We received this email a few weeks following our return back to the U.S. It is written by our dear friend Geoffery Wori, Alex's brother and the pastor of churches in Muganja/Tororo area. He writes:

Greetings in Jesus's Wonderful Name!
I would like to update you on the impact of the recent training at Muganja in Tororo Uganda. On Saturday 25/07/2015 I went to Mbale and bought poultry vaccine for Newcasttle disease ( the Kukustar). I bought vaccine for 500 birds for the beginning and yesterday and today we happen to supply vaccine for 467 birds recorded plus my own 37 birds. That is 504 birds vaccinated in these two days.More farmers missed and on Friday I am going to collect another batch. I went to the district veterinary official  who was with us in the training at Muganja and he told me that he has the vaccine for  fowl pox of which we are making it available to the farmers on Saturday 1/8/2015 God willing.
Thanks for your care that we are now equipped for this to meet the challenges of poverty and its effects. I know more developments are going to be realized as we go along.
God bless you all!
This is such great news! Our short time in Muganja is already showing its effects. It is encouraging to our team to know that our message was well received, and encouraged people to action. We continue to hear positive reports from this region and from the other churches that we spoke too. Stay tuned for more details and stories!

The Team

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